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Seeking the fire: early days of women’s music

People think it all began with Olivia Records and while they were prominent in the early years, it really started in the 20’s with blues singers like Ma Rainey and later on, with gay bar singers who sang the hits … Continue reading

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Look Ma! There’s a concert in my living room

Want to hear great music in an intimate setting? Consider your house. Acoustic music of any kind is wonderful in a home setting and all you need is an address list of like-minded friends, room for 20 or more and … Continue reading

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Ethical music promotion

In addition to teaching music and performing, I’m also a music journalist. As a freelancer I’ve written for  SingOut!,, Curve, and others.  I don’t do this writing for the big bucks, I do it because I love independent … Continue reading

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Three steps to writing better songs

Recently I attended an open mike where folks did their original songs. From the guy who stared at the floor and mumbled disjointed lyrics to the woman who sang a kick-ass blues tune about a messy break up, I heard … Continue reading

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