Lisa Koch’s “Middle Aged Woman”

Photo by Janice Rickert.

With Lisa Koch at the National Women’s Music Festival, 2006. It sure is hard to get your baton away from a nun. Not only is Lisa Koch a very talented comic and musician but she also produced my 1995 release Never Assume. I wrote the article below for Curve, for their September 2009 issue. I’ve updated it.


“Everything in the song is absolutely true, unfortunately,” comments the self-described demented singer songwriter comedian Britney Spears body double. Given the number of videos and millions of hits, it resonates with many others

Known for warped musical comedy like “The Carpenters: Uncomfortably Close to You” and “Ham for the Holidays: Swine, Women and Song,” Lisa Koch is well-loved in her home city of Seattle as well as on Olivia tours and at theaters and festivals all over the U.S.

“Middle Aged Woman” was written in 2005 for a one-woman show called Return to Planet Lisa. “I noticed that my comedian friends of a certain age were working their own hormonal experiences into their acts. We all would compare stories. After laughing my ass off with comic Michele Balan (the most bizarre hot flash stories I’ve ever heard), I wrote the song.

Not long after that, it started getting passed around as a song file, then as a video. Koch said, “A couple of those videos went viral, and it was nutzo. There were drag queens and housewives lip syncing to it, lesbian line dancers dancing to it — it was even used as music for a horse reining competition (my family is so proud).”

She finally put up her own video, from a performance at comic Vicki Shaw’s birthday party, that’s garnered over 45,000 hits.

Is it mostly women of a certain age who love the song? “It really strikes a chord with women, but it definitely crosses boundaries. The song absolutely makes men laugh… perhaps simply out of fear.”

You won’t forget Lisa Koch. Hop on an Olivia cruise or visit a theater and see her in action. If she’s dressed as a nun, don’t get too close. I hear she carries a big ruler.


Like Lisa and her friends, I can’t resist sharing my hormonal adventures. Some of you know my song “Menstrual Tango.” And, because I’ve been doing a lot of personal research, I now have “Menopause Mambo.” You can hear the first one here (live with the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus) and on my Never Assume. You’ll have to come to a concert to hear the second one.

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