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I’m a songwriter and I play one on TV

It started with an email from a fan, “They played your song on Good Morning America. Congrats!” Surely she had me confused with Shawn Colvin or somebody; I checked it out anyway and I’ll be damned if they hadn’t played … Continue reading

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When Fanny rocked

David Bowie called Fanny “one of the finest f—ing rock bands of their time,” and Amy Ray dubbed former Fanny guitarist June Millington her musical godmother, but these days, few remember the groundbreaking all-woman band. In the early 1970s, Fanny … Continue reading

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Girlyman: Songs about moose and Easy Bake Ovens

Doris Miramatsu always wanted to be a singer-songwriter and sing harmony … and with her “best-friend-since-second-grade,” Tyland Greenstein, she idolized Simon and Garfunkel so much that she was sure she could grow up to be Paul Simon. “I’m doing exactly … Continue reading

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Amazon women rise

Live music and a few hundred or thousand women frolicking in the woods? Where do I sign up? I’ve been attending women’s music festivals for over 30 years. I also go to folk and bluegrass festivals but there’s a big … Continue reading

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