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We couldn’t find her guitar and other stellar excuses for not practicing

Oh the sad life of a music teacher. We labor long hours to teach you and your children, only to find out that some of you aren’t practicing. At least the excuses are entertaining. Here’s a list of real excuses: … Continue reading

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Four chords every beginning guitar player should know and songs that go with them

You want to learn the guitar. Does it seem like all the songs you love have chords like F#maj7/B? Have no fear! You don’t need chords that look like a physics equation. Learn G, C, D and E minor. With … Continue reading

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Writing funny songs – should the cat barf go before or after the chorus?

Comedy tunes are fun to foist on an audience ’cause you can only do so many Adele covers. Here are a few tips for writing your comedy relief.  (Before Adele lovers load up their weapons, let me tell you that … Continue reading

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She had a crush on her gym teacher and I had a crush on her

In the 70’s and 80’s, women’s music was the soundtrack for my life. There was one performer in particular who made me just a little short of breath and it wasn’t because I had asthma. Meg Christian had the most … Continue reading

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So you wanna be a guitar teacher?

After touring for many years, I decided that long drives and bad food weren’t good for me. A friend who teaches music suggested I try that. I found that I loved it, plus I eat better (and still get to … Continue reading

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