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Thirteen myths about women’s music festivals busted

As I get ready to attend the National Women’s Music Festival I thought about all the things folks have told me about them over the years, from the outrageous (“They shoot men, don’t they?”) to the benign (“They still have … Continue reading

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Learn the mandolin; high lonesome tenor optional

Do you harbor a secret desire to be Bill Monroe? Dig that mandolin solo in “Maggie May?” Well damn, just pick up a mandolin and start learning! It’s like any other other instrument. If you start slow and have a … Continue reading

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Good country music – does it have to include mama, drinkin’ and deadbeat cheaters?

The other day a friend disdainfully commented that there wasn’t any country music on country stations any more. I had to think about that. Yeah, Lady Antebellum doesn’t have too many fiddles in their songs and a lot of Sugarland … Continue reading

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Hold the guitar correctly, don’t just pose

Sure, you look cool playing the guitar behind your head but know there are several other ways to hold the guitar. Besides, “Blowing in the Wind” sounds stupid played behind your head. The easiest way is to sit down. You … Continue reading

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Fourteen steps for dealing with difficult concert audience members

She stood at the edge of the stage, interrupting my songs with a slurred, “Hey! You’re pretty … that’s a nice song … hey!” I tried everything in my bag of tricks and nothing worked until a friend and fellow … Continue reading

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