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Ten tips for song contest entries

I recently judged a song contest and while most of the entries were good, there were a few that left me scratching my head. Here are some guidelines for anyone entering a contest: 1. Put the vocals high in the … Continue reading

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NERFA has nothing to do with toys, but playing sure helps

It’s a folk music conference, and I was excited to go. It’d been awhile since I attended one of these orgies of folk music and I figured it was about time, especially since this event centered on happenings in the … Continue reading

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“I didn’t practice” and nine more things you should never say to your guitar teacher

I’ve taught guitar and other music classes for nine years now, and while the majority of my students work hard and progress, there’s that small percentage that keeps me entertained with comments like these. I didn’t practice You don’t have … Continue reading

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