Putting on my writer’s fedora – projects update


I’m probably too femme to pull off a fedora. At any rate, here’s an update on my writing projects.

womens musicThe women’s music book

I’m writing about women’s music artists of the seventies and eighties, with a generous look at the rest of our culture. It’s on the back burner now but I plan to get back to it soon. I need big chunks of uninterrupted time; between students and gigs, I haven’t had that recently. In the next few months I hope to have a proposal ready for publishers. I’m approaching academic presses first. If you have a connection to one that you think might be interested, give me a shout and in return, you’ll get my eternal gratitude and good karma.

drive all night bookMy memoir Drive All Night

It’s been out a little over a year. The Advocate called it a must-read and noted lesbian playwright Carolyn Gage called me a bad ass. You can buy it from Bella Books. More about the book here.

singoutCD and book reviews

I am continuing to write CD and book reviews for SingOut! and Minor7th. I really enjoy discovering new music and books. Please don’t contact me directly about reviewing your work. I can only review what my editors send me.

With Tory Trujillo. Photo by Janice Rickert.

With Tory Trujillo. Photo by Janice Rickert.

This blog

Many recent posts are travelogues, from women’s music festivals to Dollywood with my mom. I get a few hundred hits a day, for a total of over 400,000. I must be entertaining and informative. Either that, or my mom has a lot of free time on her hands.

What would you like me to write about next?


Sadly, I’ve not written much. The muse has tapped me on the shoulder a few times. She needs to be less subtle. Maybe a hammer. Since I got a beautiful new ukulele in June, I might pick it up to see what she whispers to me. I’ve also been playing my banjo a lot. Frightening, I know.


Meanwhile, I’ll continue to scribble on napkins to entertain and inform you. Thanks for the support! Doffing my hat to all of you.


About jamiebobamie

Musician - teacher - writer - gets bored easily. I write an almost-weekly blog that includes true stories gathered from 20-plus years of touring, how-to articles for musicians and profiles of performers. Also, I love dark chocolate, I can play "Brown Eyed Girl" behind my head, and I twirl the baton badly.
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2 Responses to Putting on my writer’s fedora – projects update

  1. J. L. Anderson says:

    Great writter!! Not only informative but funny. go Jamie !!!

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