Music fan gift guide

Does your sister go to all the concerts at the local hipster joint? Is your Mom hard to buy for but loves her classical music station? Has your sweetie mentioned his favorite bands at least twice a day? Well, HINT, get them something a music lover would adore and because I know every damn thing, I’m going to help you out. 


Noise cancelling headphones

Maybe Mom is tired of competing with the hip hop bursting from your little brother’s room? Get her some headphones and she can listen to Bach in calm repose. I’ll let you choose your favorite gadget store and price range.

concertConcert tickets

But of course. While big shows are cool, don’t forget the local folk coffeehouse or jazz joint. Not only are they more affordable but you can support indie music. Make it a night out and include dinner. Don’t forget festival tickets. Tickets for 2016’s National Women’s Music Festival are on sale now and you can get a discount by buying them early. Score.


The easiest is an iTunes gift card or even one of those clunky plastic things called a CD. Or move up and include an MP3 player loaded with tunes. If you have a bigger budget, maybe a phone loaded with some great songs.

ladyslipperIndie companies offer gift cards too. Check out Ladyslipper for recordings by women. Some individual artists have download cards, too.



And if you you’d like a CD from a certain charming singer-songwriter, you can get it here.




Books by musicians

I love reading musician memoirs and maybe your brother would also. Here are some of my favorites

My Life, Keith Richards

Well-written, entertaining and you can’t believe that man is still walking around after all the crap he’s done. Great for musicians who want to find out more about his guitar style. You don’t have to be a huge Stones fan.

societys childSociety’s Child, Janis Ian

A fascinating look into the life of a musician who had her first hit at 15 and was considered washed up at the age of 17. She’s done a lot more since then. One of my favorite songwriters.



Composed, Rosanne Cash

I’d read this book over and over again. It reads like great prose.

waging heavy peace


Waging Heavy Peace, Neil Young

He writes in a stream-of-consciousness way that gives you a detailed look at everything from his passion for classic cars to his friendship with David Crosby. I’m a huge Young fan so that’s why I picked this up, however, anyone who loves a good memoir will enjoy this one.


DriveAllNightS250I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my memoir, Drive All Night. I tell you about everything from the time Melissa Etheridge showed up at one of my gigs to the time I shared housing with a pig. Buy it here.





Custom song

How cool would it be if your honey received a song written just for her? Hire Dave Nachmanoff to write and record a song with details that you give him. He’s a professional songwriter who’s written hundreds of songs, and toured with Al Stewart.


LP bowlRecord bowls

Fill these with potato chips at your next party and show how hip you are. Find them here.


Record label coasters

LP coastersSpeaking of vinyl, these coasters are tres cool and you don’t have to sell your car to buy them. Get ’em here.




From iPhone docks to laptop speakers, there’s a ton of them out there. My life was changed a couple of years ago when my sweetie gave me new speakers for my laptop. Suddenly, bass lines appeared and I could hear all the vocals.

personal song printPersonalized song print

Do you and your squeeze have a favorite song? Put its name on this cool print. Buy it here.





Now go make someone very happy.


Want more gift ideas? Find ‘em here.

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  1. Pauline Procopy says:

    Love you Jamie. have a great holiday season up there in the cold north of Canada.

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