Great gifts for your favorite musician

ukulele kid

Whether it’s your six year old who just started the ukulele or your wife who loves to drum, there are lots of great gifts for the musician in your life. (And Mom, if you’re reading this, I don’t want any of these things, unless you can get me a guitar lesson with Bonnie Raitt.)


guitar accessoriesIf you can’t spend a lot, this is a great choice – strings, reeds, music stands – if you’re not sure what to get, sneak into their room and see what they already use, then buy more. Simple.



weird guitarYou probably don’t want this instrument and it’s risky to spend a lot of money. However, if you’re buying for someone who doesn’t know how to play yet, go to a reputable music store and buy what is in your price range. Seriously, your beginner isn’t going to care if it’s a cheap Yamaha or a vintage Martin. Do NOT buy an instrument from Craig’s List or a pawn shop unless you’re a musician and can properly evaluate it. For more about buying guitars, see this post.

thumb piano 2Inexpensive instruments can be great. Get your folk player a harmonica. Maybe your Celtic music fan wants to learn penny whistle? Or how about this thumb piano? Buy it here. Easy to play and dude, you can plug it in.




There’s a ton of them, from fav bands to ones for specific instruments. I like this one. Get it here.

drummer tshirt



Your metal drummer is probably not going to want earrings shaped like treble clefs but maybe your middle school daughter who loves her trumpet would want them. There’s a ton of cool stuff made from guitar picks or just look like them. These are made from recycled CDs and you can get them here.

pick earrings

Gift cards

Out of your league when it comes to musician gear? Gift certificates are still great. I like to support local brick and mortar stores, but if buying online is your thing, that’ll work, too.

Is your musician leading the touring life? How a gift card for gas or coffee?



Flip flops for the keyboard player in your life. How cool are these? Get ’em here. 




Music lessons

guitar teacherBut of course. I teach guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and songwriting via Skype from anywhere in the world. More about lessons here and more about Skype lessons here.  Contact me.

(And no, that’s not me teaching but it’s the only photo I could find of a woman teaching guitar.  I could go on a rant here but I’ll spare you. Clearly, I need a photo of me teaching.)

If videos are what you’re looking for, there’s great instructional material at Homespun Tapes. They have online instruction as well as DVDs for everything from accordion to drums.


All right, now get shopping and make some musician very happy.




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Musician - teacher - writer - gets bored easily. I write an almost-weekly blog that includes true stories gathered from 20-plus years of touring, how-to articles for musicians and profiles of performers. Also, I love dark chocolate, I can play "Brown Eyed Girl" behind my head, and I twirl the baton badly.
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