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I’m a gun-totin’ beer-swillin’ country music fan

Only the last part of that is true – I’ve never owned more than a squirt gun and I hate beer – but you totally bought it, right? Country music fans are supposed to be right wing nut cases yelling … Continue reading

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Sequins, prayer and bone rattling roller coasters. Visit to Dollywood May 2015

I am the biggest Dolly Parton fan on the planet. I’ve passed the turnoff to go to Dollywood many times while on tour but was never able to go. That all changed recently when I met my mom and her … Continue reading

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Learn to jam

And I don’t mean strawberry. Going to jams is fun and will make you a better player. Don’t worry about your playing ability. There’s a jam for everyone. I want to especially encourage women. Most of the jams I go … Continue reading

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Learn the mandolin; high lonesome tenor optional

Do you harbor a secret desire to be Bill Monroe? Dig that mandolin solo in “Maggie May?” Well damn, just pick up a mandolin and start learning! It’s like any other other instrument. If you start slow and have a … Continue reading

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Good country music – does it have to include mama, drinkin’ and deadbeat cheaters?

The other day a friend disdainfully commented that there wasn’t any country music on country stations any more. I had to think about that. Yeah, Lady Antebellum doesn’t have too many fiddles in their songs and a lot of Sugarland … Continue reading

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