House concerts rock. And folk.

noisy barMusicians, dump that noisy bar crowd and get a sober audience that listens and buys a lot of product. House concerts are the way to go. I’ve done them for thirty years – before it was fashionable, yes, I’m that hip – and I’ve got some advice for you. Continue reading

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The Song is More Important Than You: An Homage to Early Influences and Mentors, by Ruth Barrett

Ruth BarrettRuth Barrett is an award-winning dulcimer player, singer, and songwriter. I am so pleased and honored to present her guest post. More about her music here.   Continue reading

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Musicians: ten phrases to avoid in your bio

once upon a time

I’ve been a music journalist for years and I’ve read enough lifeless bios to wallpaper Mar-a-Lago. Are potential fans, bookers, and media snoozing through your bio? Rewrite it and avoid these mistakes:

1. Susie Blahblah writes songs from the heart. Where else would they come from? Your right arm? Avoid the cliché and offer something more descriptive. Do you write engaging songs about being a single mom? Offer warm lyrics about the comfort of the road? Continue reading

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Musicians, what to do with those unsold CDs?

CD stacks

Back in the day when CDs were flying off the merch table at concerts, you thought you’d sell all those discs now gathering dust in your basement. Welcome to the modern age where even your grandpa is downloading music. Plastic is passé, right? Not so fast, buster. Read on for tips about what to do with those CDs. Continue reading

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I’m not Margaret Atwood or Beyonce


And I couldn’t even play them on TV. For now, I’m happy as a singer-songwriter who occasionally tours and a writer with one book under her belt and one more on the way. Here’s an update for the latter job. If you want to know where I am in the music world, there’s a tour schedule at Read on for an update of my writing world.  Continue reading

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Every movement needs music; you can write it


Woody Guthrie

I’ve taught songwriting for years and when a group asked me to teach writing protest songs and sing alongs, I was on it.  In case you weren’t one of the people at that workshop, here are tips for writing your own “We Shall Overcome.” Continue reading

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Where’s the best place to learn an instrument?

You go to YouTube, right? Wrong. Free is not always good. Here’s an overview with tips for choosing the right place for your lessons, from someone who’s been on both ends of the teaching and learning experience. Continue reading

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