The Virginia Women’s Music Festival 2018. And barbecue chicken. And hearts.

IMG_20180526_112846There’s an amazing movie on a loop in my brain. My foot taps to the beat of a great song, my mouth waters at chicken hot off the grill, women’s laughter surrounds me, and if I could, I’d draw big red hearts all over this blog post. There’s more. Read on. Continue reading

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The women’s music book, she lives!

I just signed the contract! It’ll be published in 2019. What book? One about women’s music of the seventies and eighties that I started in 2011. It’s been a long road, one where four-wheel drive and a lot of snacks were needed.  Continue reading

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The perfect set: Intros, stories & other tips for musicians on stage

We’ve all seen that performer in concert who has a great voice and musical chops but runs off at the mouth between songs. Or doesn’t talk to the audience at all. If you’re Miles Davis you can get away with that. For anyone else, read on. I’ll help you avoid the mistakes I made in my early years of touring.  Continue reading

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Four essential chords for beginning guitarists

jamie anderson low res

It’s more fun to master a song while you’re learning the guitar than it is to do an endless series of drills. Drills can help, of course, but in the end,  it has to be music. We aren’t playing football here. Like I’d know anything about football. Anyway … here’s a video that will teach beginning guitar players four chords, a strum pattern and a song. Keep reading and you’ll find links to other songs that use the same chords. Continue reading

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Myths about women’s music and culture: they shoot men at women’s festivals, right?

Um … no. There are a few other myths to bust, so let’s get started.

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Five tips for learning a new instrument this year

Does your list of resolutions always include music lessons? And is it like that gym membership you bought and used … once? Here are five ways to help you stick with learning an instrument.  Continue reading

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Meg Christian Made Me Gay

Meg Christian 3Well, not really, and I’m more likely to say “lesbian” but it’s a play on the title of a recently published book about LGBTQ music, David Bowie Made Me Gay, by Darryl W. Bullock. It’s well-written and I was delighted to find a chapter devoted to women’s music. He interviewed Alix Dobkin and Cris Williamson, two artists important to the genre. Score. However, I found a couple of errors, one where he used an article I’d written as a reference.  Continue reading

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