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That bedspread covered in musical notes is perfect for your musician girlfriend! Well … no.

  It’s the season when the buying frenzy can make idiots of some of us. Here is a list of gifts NOT to give to the musician in your life. I’ve thoughtfully included gifts you DO want to get. You’re … Continue reading

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Great gifts for your favorite musician

Whether it’s your six year old who just started the ukulele or your wife who loves to drum, there are lots of great gifts for the musician in your life. (And Mom, if you’re reading this, I don’t want any … Continue reading

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Puzzled about gifts for music fans?

I’ve felt a little disjointed lately. I love puzzles, especially if they have something to do with music. (Yeah, I’m coming out of the geek closet. Quick, find a role for me on Big Bang Theory.)  I found a cool … Continue reading

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Great gifts for music fans

Your sweetie loves vintage rock? Your brother goes to hear every band at the local pub? What to get them for holidays? Why, funny you ask. Here’s a list of cool stuff. 

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Great gifts for musicians

It’s the season, y’all, to look for gifts for your favorite musician. And if you’re that musician, send your loved ones a link to this post so you don’t get another sequined Christmas sweater. I don’t have any advertising connection … Continue reading

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Unique gift ideas for your favorite musician

Get her or him something cool. My Facebook friends offered advice ranging from the practical “strings” to “my own motivational gospel choir to follow me around day to day singing my praises.” I’m not sure about that last item, but … Continue reading

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Gift ideas for your favorite music fan – from $5 CDs to Stevie Wonder’s piano

Don’t rush out to a big box store to get William Shatner’s latest CD. The music fan in your life may prefer Ferron’s Girl on a Road DVD or some great indie music from CD Baby. Here’s my completely biased … Continue reading

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Great gift ideas for musicians – when a Hello Kitty guitar strap isn’t perfect

If you can afford that vintage Fender, go for it. If your budget is smaller than the Trumps’ you might want to look at my ideas. I don’t have any sponsors so I get no cut from mentioning any of … Continue reading

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