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“I didn’t practice” and nine more things you should never say to your guitar teacher

I’ve taught guitar and other music classes for nine years now, and while the majority of my students work hard and progress, there’s that small percentage that keeps me entertained with comments like these. I didn’t practice You don’t have … Continue reading

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We couldn’t find her guitar and other stellar excuses for not practicing

Oh the sad life of a music teacher. We labor long hours to teach you and your children, only to find out that some of you aren’t practicing. At least the excuses are entertaining. Here’s a list of real excuses: … Continue reading

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Smart resolutions for musicians and soon-to-be musicians

Mastering a Hendrix solo by the end of January probably isn’t a realistic goal, unless you’re Clapton. However, there are lots of smart resolutions you can make. Learn to play Did Santa bring you a new instrument? After you kiss … Continue reading

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So you’re not Eric Clapton

It’s not about the talent in your family, the size of your hands or whether or not you look like Sheryl Crow. Learning an instrument is about desire and sweat. Period. Eric Clapton started just where you did, holding a … Continue reading

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Your hands are never too small to play “Stairway to Heaven”

I’ve got a few days off between gigs so I’m staying with my friend Kara Barnard, one of the best multi-instrumentalists I know. She could blaze through a hot blues solo and balance her checkbook at the same time. As … Continue reading

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Six ways to improve your music practice time

I’ve taught guitar, mandolin and songwriting for a few years now and I’m sometimes amused by the excuses I hear for not practicing. “We can’t find her guitar” was actually one I got a few years ago. (Guess we know … Continue reading

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