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Come for the half and half, stay for the music: Virginia Women’s Music Fest 2016

That white powdered stuff may be labeled “cream” but it isn’t something I’d put in my java. I want real dairy and the Virginia Women’s Music Festival understands that, as well as other comforts a woman may need. It’s not … Continue reading

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Preserving women’s culture of the eighties and nineties through Jo-Ed videos

I first met Pat Jones and Donna Eddins in 1990 at the Gulf Coast Women’s Music Festival in Mississippi. They were videotaping the event and would I give them permission to record my set? This was before everyone and their … Continue reading

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I’m a gun-totin’ beer-swillin’ country music fan

Only the last part of that is true – I’ve never owned more than a squirt gun and I hate beer – but you totally bought it, right? Country music fans are supposed to be right wing nut cases yelling … Continue reading

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The 40th National Women’s Music Festival, 2015: there were angels, right?

I don’t usually start hallucinating until midway through the National Women’s Music Festival. I don’t do hallucinogens but lack of sleep does weird things to a body and I’m like a little kid – I’m afraid to sleep for fear … Continue reading

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The making of Dare, part five: it’s not about the meat dress

After an album is recorded, you’re done, right? Maybe if you’re Lady Gaga, but if you’re Jamie Anderson, or any other self-producing indie performer, there’s still a lot of work to do. I’m not complaining. I’d wear my weight in … Continue reading

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Still finding the fire, part 2: where are women’s music performers today?

Last week’s blog about women’s music performers and where they are now was such a hit that I’ve written part two.  The descriptions are a little shorter but only because I was pressed for time. This isn’t even close to … Continue reading

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