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Putting on my writer’s fedora – projects update

I’m probably too femme to pull off a fedora. At any rate, here’s an update on my writing projects. The women’s music book I’m writing about women’s music artists of the seventies and eighties, with a generous look at the … Continue reading

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So you want to write a song? Part two.

In last week’s post, guest blogger Bernice Lewis talked about writing lyrics. This week, I’m writing about melodies. It’s the part that makes some beginning songwriters flee in terror because they think you have to have a PhD in music. … Continue reading

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So you want to write a song?

This week’s guest blogger is Bernice Lewis, a touring singer/songwriter  for 30 years who records for Berkalin Records. She is the Artist Associate in Songwriting at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. ******** How hard could writing a song be?  Maybe you want … Continue reading

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Ten tips for song contest entries

I recently judged a song contest and while most of the entries were good, there were a few that left me scratching my head. Here are some guidelines for anyone entering a contest: 1. Put the vocals high in the … Continue reading

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I love you but I need to see other writing; taking a short blog break

I’m writing a book about women’s music. I want to be disciplined about writing it but it’s hard when I spend several hours a week on this blog so I’m taking a short hiatus in March. I’ll be back in … Continue reading

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Writing funny songs – should the cat barf go before or after the chorus?

Comedy tunes are fun to foist on an audience ’cause you can only do so many Adele covers. Here are a few tips for writing your comedy relief.  (Before Adele lovers load up their weapons, let me tell you that … Continue reading

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Scrambled eggs is a lousy song title; stories behind my songs

People are always interested to learn the stories behind their favorite songs. When Paul McCartney started “Yesterday” he didn’t have any lyrics so he sang “Scrambled eggs, da da da da da da scrambled eggs.”  I’m not as famous as … Continue reading

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Seven Steps to Winning a Song Contest

Some think song contests are bogus but heck, if they offer prizes you want or get you into that venue you’ve wanted to play, then they’re worth their weight in Dolly Parton CDs. For three years, I was the director … Continue reading

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