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There’s something about the women: women’s music book

Back in 1977, I attended a Therese Edell concert. I’d never heard of her but my friend Lois asked if I was going and I couldn’t think of a reason to say no. I knew I was in the right … Continue reading

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The Michigan women’s festival is ending, now what?

There’s lots of “now what?” Like many of you, I’m sad about this cultural institution ending, but there’s still women’s community out there. Here’s a list. Study it. There will be a quiz later. (If you want to know more … Continue reading

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What I did on my summer vacation: Michigan 2014

I used to camp. Now? Not so much, unless it’s the Michigan Women’s Music Festival. (I know, they spell it “womyn” but my internal English teacher won’t let me do that.) I returned just a few days ago and let … Continue reading

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The Ship that sailed into my life

Girl Scouting taught me that I was smart and capable, whether I was putting up a heavy canvas tent in a rainstorm or hanging my ass so far over the edge of a speeding sailboat that my hair got wet. … Continue reading

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The “w” part of musician/writer/teacher/parking lot attendant

On this blog I blab a lot about being a musician and a teacher. Now it’s time to talk about my writing, especially since I HAVE A BOOK! Besides, I’m blind in one eye so you really don’t want to … Continue reading

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The making of Dare, part two: Sometimes it’s about the conversations

As you could see from part one, I’ve started recording my new album, Dare, and I’m sharing the journey with you because you know how singer-songwriters are – we can’t help talking about ourselves.  Here’s another post about me. Hope … Continue reading

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Drive All Night, so far

I’m writing a collection of tour stories that’ll be published in 2014 by Bella Books. A few of you have asked about it. First, I’ve got two books. The one tentatively titled Drive All Night has a publishing deal. My … Continue reading

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