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Sweaty sound guys and things that go clunk in the night

I’ve played at a couple hundred folk coffeehouses. This one was more brightly lit than some but the other trappings were the same – a harried group of over-40 hippies, women in big earrings and full skirts, and men in … Continue reading

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Black cats, creaky old buildings and Wild Irish Rose

I’ve had many interesting housing experiences in my 20 plus years of touring, including a stay in an old building filled with creaky wood floors and spooky shadows. This building in the downtown section of a small Midwest town has … Continue reading

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Transposing for guitarists – don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit

If you’re expecting a huge theory lesson that’ll make your eyes roll up inside your head, have no fear. These methods are so easy your cat could do them … if she had opposable thumbs. Say you’ve found the perfect … Continue reading

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Free music instruction and tab – sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes not

I’m a self-taught musician who learned back when the only ways to get instruction were expensive lessons, sharing with friends or good ol’ Mel Bay. I learned “Needle and the Damage Done” by dropping the needle down over and over … Continue reading

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