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Great gift ideas for musicians – when a Hello Kitty guitar strap isn’t perfect

If you can afford that vintage Fender, go for it. If your budget is smaller than the Trumps’ you might want to look at my ideas. I don’t have any sponsors so I get no cut from mentioning any of … Continue reading

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Flying with instruments and mastering the fine art of Bambi eyes

You’re traveling to Grandma’s for the holidays and you’d like to play her that Hendrix solo you just learned. Do you slap your Strat into a gig bag and head to the airport? You might as well run over it … Continue reading

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Ten great songs for beginning guitarists – from Cash to Green Day

 You’ve got that shiny new guitar, now what? Feel like you’ve got five thumbs? Don’t start with “Stairway to Heaven.” Begin with songs that won’t make you want to throw that Martin across the room. Here are the most popular … Continue reading

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Ten steps to getting better press – a guide for musicians

I’ve toured for over 20 years, plus I’m a music journalist, so I’ve seen this from both sides. I’ve gotten press in Billboard and I’ve written for publications like SingOut! and Acoustic Guitar. Here are some tips to get your … Continue reading

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Winter care and feeding of your guitar or mandolin

In January a few years ago I had a gig in Fairbanks, Alaska. It was 30 below (F); I watched in horror as my host placed the case with my thousand dollar guitar inside into the back of her open … Continue reading

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