The Michigan women’s festival is ending, now what?

Close up look at night stage entrance. Photo by MJ.

Close up look at night stage entrance. Photo by MJ.

There’s lots of “now what?” Like many of you, I’m sad about this cultural institution ending, but there’s still women’s community out there. Here’s a list. Study it. There will be a quiz later.

(If you want to know more about the festival and its end, there’s a great article here.)

Virginia Womens Fest

Women’s festivals still exist

There are several, from the Virginia Women’s Music Festival, to west coast’s Fabulosa Fest. If you’re not a camper, try the National Women’s Music Festival. There’s a more complete list at the end of this post.


Play music with other women

If making music with other women is what flips your switch, try one of these women’s music camps –– WoMaMu  (California),  Summer Sing (Montana), NW Women’s Music Celebration (Washington state), Women’s Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp  (California) and Women and Harmony Music Camp (Virginia).  Want to drum? Try the Ontario Womyn’s Drum camp. or Born to Drum (California). If you’re into singing with women, check out the plethora of women’s choruses. Google “your city, women’s chorus” or start with the Sister Singers Network.

goddess figureLooking for the goddess?

There are women’s spiritual festivals, like the Elderflower Womenspirit Festival (California), Daughters of Diana (California)  and Womynspirit Festival (Ontario).   Not to mention the Wiccan temples, Unitarian Churches and so many other spaces that offer women-only empowerment.

campingOther festivals

The Midwest Wimmin’s Festival offers a lot. There are other groups that organize similar events. If not, start one!

Other women’s space

The Highlands Inn is a great place to stay. They offer free concerts for their guests. There are women’s B&Bs, as well as women’s land, all over the world. Google ’em.

Create your own space

Women are already talking about what they want to create after Michigan is gone. All power to us! Keep plugged into social media to see what’s going on. Know of a cool campground near you? Create your own mini-festival.

As of this writing, Michigan organizer Lisa Vogel hasn’t said what will happen to the land. If it’s sold, I hope the people who buy it are prepared for an influx of women every August.

The Saturday night performer jam. That's me in the middle with my arm up. Photo by Janice Rickert.

All performer jam at the National festival. That’s me in the middle with my hand up. You expected some shameless self-promotion, right? Photo by Janice Rickert.

 Continue to support women’s art

There are lots of female indie musicians and comics who tour. Support them and tell your friends. The same for visual artists and for other performers like playwright Carolyn Gage. They aren’t going to stop because one festival ends.

All right, Amazons, rise!



Amazon Music Festival


Fabulosa Fest

Iowa Women’s Music Festival

National Women’s Music Festival


Ohio Lesbian Festival

Virginia Women’s Music Festival

In the comments below, let us know about any events not covered here.

Want to read more about women’s festivals? Check out my other posts:

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I have credited the photographer where she is known. If I have used one of your photos and not credited you, please let me know and I’ll add your credit or remove the picture.

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46 Responses to The Michigan women’s festival is ending, now what?

  1. Kara says:

    Very Succinct. It would be a beautiful thing to see more faces in Virginia and at National.

  2. Sarah Bush says:
    I’m a lover of MichFest and am so grateful for many years of performing there as a dancer in Opening Ceremony, ChixLix and Closing Ceremony as well as with Dance Brigade on the Accoustic Stage.
    I have my own feminist dance company based in Oakland (SF Bay Area) please come celebrate Womyn’s Music, stories, Communities, Herstory with us Mother’s Day weekend and check out our work online and social media. #RockedByWomen
    Love & Gratitude, Sarah

  3. Allison says:

    I just learned about the new Stargaze Fest in New Hampshire (last year was the first one):

    Also, for the rockers in the house, one of my bands is participating in this Girls in the Garage 2-day fest in Cambridge, MA in June:

  4. Cindy Van Vreede says:

    Perhaps those seeking a more “inclusionary” festival can inquire about renting the land and the equipment and put on their own festival.

    • Kim says:

      Not our Land….sorry, there are probably 6 million properties in Michigan, and/or the USA, and/or the world…but The Land!

  5. Laurie Burkland says:

    There’s also the Susan B. Anthony Memoriak Unrest Home (SuBAMUH), which is womyns land in SE Ohio.

  6. Anna says:

    And there is Provincetown, a gay mecca on the tip of cape cod. We’ve been a gay town for 40 years … The women gather here often, and in great numbers during
    Memorial Day May 21-25
    National Women of Color & Friends Weekend June 4-7
    Girl Splash July 21-25
    and Women’s Week, October 12-18,

    See you soon!

  7. Hey Jamie! Jori here! Thanks for your blog and the shout out to Big Bad Gina’s Amazon Music Festival and Midwest Wimmin’s Festival – my home festival of almost 30 years! I wanted to let ones know that Midwest is not a tent camping festival, it’s at a state park and we are actually not allowed to tent in the group camp; however there are camp grounds within the state park and wimmin can drive over for activities. Midwest is very small and cozy, community centered, no scheduled performers, just hanging out, dancing, drumming and guitars around fire, games, and the Lake of the Ozarks. See you all around at all kinds of festivals!

  8. thanks Jamie for the wonderful list and there are two you didn’t mention: “Where Women Gather” ( formerly Womon Gathering) a spiritualy oriented fest. in PA and “South East Women’s Herbal” conference, here in NC

  9. Terri Noftsger says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve been mourning the loss of Michigan…even when I’ve been unable to attend…knowing that the womyn are gathering each August has been comforting to me. You blog post reminds me that our culture continues and gathers together all over. It is a comfort. Also, I too wonder what will happen to our sacred land.

  10. Beth Maples-Bays says:

    Thank you for helping me see a life after MichFest (LAMF). The era is over, but we’re still standing.

  11. maya says:

    Which of these festivals is good about interpreters for D/HH women?

  12. Susan Post says:
    Amazon Fest has been going on 3 years now

  13. Ellen Bass says:

    The one in Virginia is and it is wonderful

  14. Ellen Bass says:

    May 22nd through May 25th

    FRIDAY: Alma Hesson • Mama’s Black Sheep • Tret Fure • Dance with DJ Jamie Fox

    SATURDAY: Narissa Bond • Jamie Anderson • Tory Trujillo and Sweet Song • Bele Bele Rhythm Collective • Zoe Lewis • Gaye Adegbalola and the Wild Rutz •Dance with Wicked Jezabel

    SUNDAY: Indigie Femme • Julie Clark • Christie Lenee • Someone’s Sister • SONiA & disappear fear Memorial Service at the Lake • Dance with DJ Michelle

  15. stchauvinism says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  16. Erin says:

    Hi ! Don’t forget about Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering in Louisa VA. We will be celebrating our 31st year in August . .

  17. Pat says:

    Wow! What a great list Jamie. Thank you! I’ll be sending it out as well as putting it on links page for BOLDFest, speaking of which, hope to see lots of new bold,old(er) lesbians & dykes in Vancouver BC (yes, Canada!) September 10-13 at our 11th Conference/Gathering. Check it out at
    Don’t think I”ll be able to get to MichFest, sadly. I’ll be at National’s 40th though and look forward to an amazing lineup!

  18. Cindy Rizzo says:

    From the wonderful site “Chicks and Guitars: An Incomplete Guide to Trans-Inclusive Women’s Music Festivals” at

  19. Artemis on the Land says:

    For women interested in female center spirituality, The Association of Women and Mythology is an organization for academic and independent scholars, archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, artists, religious studies majors and spiritual leaders which explores and elucidates aspects of the sacred feminine, women and mythology. It hosts symposium and conferences around the country and supports scholarship. Membership is open to all.

    • Artemis on the Land says:

      … That would be The Association for the STUDY of Women and Mythology. Sorry for the typo!

  20. Hello All. A brand new festival hitting the scene this November 6-8, 2015.
    Goddesses of Light in Denton, TX
    Musical acts include: Ginger Doss, Summer Osborne, and The Velvet Army. Also featuring Jori Costello’s “Songs of My Soul”.

  21. Connie says:

    Thanks, Jamie…great list….if my sisters can’t get enough of womyn, womyn’s music and dance, etc., they may want to check out community living at Superstition Mountain Resort, The Pueblo, Carefree, Discovery Bay or OHLA, to name a few.

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  24. Hi Jamie! Miss your face!!
    My wife, Lori, and I host Venus Music Festival on my family farm in Vandalia, IL on the last weekend in August. While it’s not strictly considered a women’s music festival, the intention and energy basically attracts mostly all women. (Except for my dad. Who is one of our biggest supporters… I come from good stock. 😉)

  25. Resin Rebel says:

    Cinema Systers Film Festival
    Memorial Day Weekend
    May 26-28, 2017
    Paducah, Kentucky
    The only all lesbian film festival in the USA!!

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