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The Virginia Women’s Music Festival 2018. And barbecue chicken. And hearts.

There’s an amazing movie on a loop in my brain. My foot taps to the beat of a great song, my mouth waters at chicken hot off the grill, women’s laughter surrounds me, and if I could, I’d draw big … Continue reading

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The women’s music book, she lives!

I just signed the contract! It’ll be published in 2019. What book? One about women’s music of the seventies and eighties that I started in 2011. It’s been a long road, one where four-wheel drive and a lot of snacks … Continue reading

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Myths about women’s music and culture: they shoot men at women’s festivals, right?

Um … no. There are a few other myths to bust, so let’s get started.

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The 40th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival: Save the Last Dance for Me, part one

There were dances, sure, but I never went to one. Back at my first festival, at the tender age of 22, I’m sure I danced non-stop. I’m 57 now. So many changes for me and the festival. It felt like … Continue reading

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The 40th National Women’s Music Festival, 2015: there were angels, right?

I don’t usually start hallucinating until midway through the National Women’s Music Festival. I don’t do hallucinogens but lack of sleep does weird things to a body and I’m like a little kid – I’m afraid to sleep for fear … Continue reading

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Come for the food but stay for the music. Virginia Women’s Music Festival 2015.

I appreciate that many of the other women’s festivals feed you. Really. But the Virginia Women’s Music Festival offers fried chicken at dinner, and real half and half for your coffee in the morning. And homemade dessert with lunch and … Continue reading

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The Michigan women’s festival is ending, now what?

There’s lots of “now what?” Like many of you, I’m sad about this cultural institution ending, but there’s still women’s community out there. Here’s a list. Study it. There will be a quiz later. (If you want to know more … Continue reading

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Twelve reasons to attend a women’s music festival

Because it’s fun A few thousand women in the woods, a convention center or hotel? Where do I sign up? 2. You’re supporting women musicians Don’t let Sony tell you who you should like. I’ve discovered some of my fav indie … Continue reading

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Thirteen myths about women’s music festivals busted

As I get ready to attend the National Women’s Music Festival I thought about all the things folks have told me about them over the years, from the outrageous (“They shoot men, don’t they?”) to the benign (“They still have … Continue reading

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